Saturday, September 7, 2019 EST

Many traders look to options to earn passive income.  With the advancement of Cryptocurrencies mining Crypto such as Bitcoin, Dash and other cryptocurrencies provided another way to make passive income.

The challenge with making good returns on mining Bitcoin is the cost of equipment and electricity.  Typically the average person cannot make enough money mining Bitcoin to offset the other costs.

Over the years the model of supporting a blockchain network has shifted from Mining to Staking and running Master Nodes.  We have been staking Metrix Coint (MRX) since 2017 (formerly known as Linda Project). 

The returns on Metrix are outstanding for both Staking and holding (50+ % return) and for a master node at 60% return. 

For staking and masternodes you can run one on your own or using use the teams My Staking Wallet and One Click Master Nodes!

What we like most about the Metrix Team is the commitment to services they provide and were first to the market in many areas.

Recently the team launched Grudge Match Gaming where you can use your gaming skills to challenge players on a wide variety of games using the Metrix Token to bet on a match!  

Head over to Grudge Match Gaming and get 1000 MRX for signing up.