Monday, October 7, 2013 EST

MTR Investors Group goal is to provide the best Covered Call and Naked Put scanner on the web. Scan over 3,100 stocks and over 200,000 options in seconds to find the best possible trades!

If you are a trader scanning Weekly Options our screener is a great tool to use to find the best possible weekly option covered call and naked put trades. 

Covered Call / Put Screening Tool - Feature Summary

Our Covered Call / Put Search & Research Tool gives you the power to quickly search for profitable Covered Call / Put Optionstrades

Best Covered Call and Puts Screener

  • Quickly screen for Covered Call and Naked Puts trades covering 2,700+ stocks and over 150,000 options!
  • Save option picks in a watchlist
  • Reduce risk by filtering by Probability of Assignment, Downside Protection and more!
  • 20+ data elements that can be used for searching, filtering, and narrowing down criteria to find profitable trades.
  • Monitor your stock portfolio and keep an eye on the best covered call options to write
  • Many powerful features to limit results by Stock Price, P/E, Market Cap, and More
  • Underlying Stock/ETF Technical Indicators
  • Scan Weekly Options
  • Export results to Excel for further analysis
  • View stock charts of the underlying stock
  • Quick links to your favorite news sites
  • Our feature rich covered call and naked put  scanner is only $15 a month!
  • Keeping reading to see all the powerful features of our option scanner!

Typically options with a higher ROI and near term expiration present additional risk. Once a list of options is shown from the custom settings of your choice you can then take that selection and perform any additional research such as checking news, analyst ratings, technical, or fundamental data. 

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