Saturday, September 18, 2010 EST

The Covered Call and Naked Put Search was completely update starting from the data. We have a new data vendor that corrected all of the data issues from the prior version of the site.

New Features:

  • Expert Search: More search criteria including by Probability of Assignment. If you want to sell puts for income but do not want to take assignment look for options with low probability of assignment.
  • Express Search:  Pre-Defined search features for covered calls and naked puts.  Search for High Yielding stocks for Covered Calls or Low Probability of Assignment naked puts and more!
  • Personal Watchlist: Add options you are analyzing for potential trades to your own personal watchlist.
  • Community Watchlist:  See what other investors are watching. You can chose to share your personal watchlist with the rest of the MTRIG community or keep it private.
  • Sorting: Sort by any column in the search result
  • More Stocks: Database of close to 1,800 stocks and nearly 68,000 options!
  • More Search Features: By Market Cap (Large, Mid, Small) and by sector
  • New Columns: Implied Volatility, Probability of assignments, and Greeks when exporting

The screen shot below is for the Expert Option Search Page. 

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