Monday, March 30, 2009 EST

This is a public post regarding the MTR-TM status on 3/30/2009. To see MTR-TM updates live please register and or log into the site.

The daily change in the market timing model (MTR-TM) is -4.31%. The week over week change in the MTR-TM is
-3.45%. The signal for this commentary is Market Up on Friday, 3/13/2009.

The weekly trend (WoW) showed weakness today at -3.45%. Most stop loss orders would have been hit today because of the -4.31% daily close of Value Line index. This would have shown a good ride since the revised BUY on 3/13/2009.

For those that follow Les Masonson a 4% sell from a “recent market top” would have fired today. The classic 4% model would not have fired today since the WoW change was -3.45%. MTR-TM did not fire since various back-tested criteria was not met. Regardless, good stop loss orders would have taken most traders out of the market today.