Saturday, December 15, 2012 EST

We launched new features of our option scanner that will help members zero in on the best options to write.

New Search Features

* Probability of Assignment (POA): Now setup in a from and to range.  This helps if you are searching for a Buy-Write trades and you want the stock to get called away. To do this search for POA in the range of 90% to 100%
* Moneyness: Replaces Out of The Money (OTM). The moneyness from and to range now provides a method to search for options Out of The Money (OTM), In The Money (OTM), and At The Money (ATM).  It also increases the flexibility of searching a wide range of options.
* Volume: Search for options with volume greater than or the number entered
* Open Interest (OI): Search for options with an open interest greater than the number entered.

There is additional online help that outlines how to combine Volume and OI to limit results. 


Results Grid

* Grouped Stock Price, Strike Price, Moneyness, and POA next to each other for a more logical layout
* Moneyness column will show a Positive number for ITM options, Negative for OTM
* External News Link Window: Mouse over the stock symbol and you will now see three links to take you to MSN News, MSN Stock Ratings, and Yahoo! Finance News.