Sunday, November 18, 2012 EST

Trade journals are a great idea to help you review how you made past trades, your thinking when entering the trade, and your results.

This post is about how to use Excel as a trade journal. There is a feature in Excel where you can upload screen shots of your charts.  Excel can be taken one step further by aggregating data to review your equity curve.

In Excel you can add images to a cell as a comment and later mouse over that cell to view the image.  Saving charts in your trade jounal is a very important step in the process of reviewing trades and improving trading performance.

Mouse Over Cell Example


1. Inserting an chart into Excel: Right click on a cell in your spread sheet and click Insert Comment


2. Click Format comment to prepare for uploading an image 


3. Click Fill Effects 


4. Select the image you want to upload into Excel


End Result

Mouse over the stock symbol and you will see the chart. 


2012_Sample_Journal.xlsx (60.56 kb)