Saturday, October 2, 2010 EST
The free Covered Call and Naked Put search subscription ends October 10, 2010. Members will be prompted to upgrade their subscriptions when accessing the option search features after 10/10/2010. 

The goal of MTR Investors Group is to provide innovative tools to give an investment edge to our members. In line with this goal we are pricing the option data search engine at a very affordable cost to our members. We know the option search engine is a unique, powerful, and valuable tool to pinpoint profitable option selling opportunities.  We are confident we will make up in volume of members to cover the low cost for this service.

The Option search has been in beta mode for four months. During that time the search was upgraded to add more power, over 1,700 stocks, over 80,000 options, and more search features.  In order to provide the best data and search results possible we upgraded our option feed to a new vendor.

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Monthly and Year subscription information is listed below.