Wednesday, September 30, 2009 EST

After Mebane Faber made many millions off of his "Ivy Portfolio" book (when his white paper on that topic could be downloaded for free), he launched the web site AlphaClone to follow 13F filings of the investment pros (hey not a bad gig... a book, and a high fee web site, who needs investing?)

This is a great idea, but hey, the 13F information is free so why pay Faber money for his site? Forget about it, along comes TickerSpy.

Take a look at TickerSpy it tracks all the "pros" (minus Jim Cramer Surprised) and allows users to create a watchlist (hey you can do that here too on MTRIG), and has other great stock selection ideas.

So if you joined Faber get your money back and log into TickerSpy.