Stock Market Scout (SMS) - Release Notes

This page list any updated releases to SMS.

3/10/2013: SMS remains focused on a broad number of stocks but instead of displaying our own SMS index we are showing the signals on the Spiders (SPY) ETF. This change will help with tracking a highly liquid ETF using the SMS model.

1/31/2013: The Stock Market Scout (SMS) model was redefined to include a broader number of stocks.  The model was based tracking QQQ because of price volatility and that typically QQQ lead the SPY more times than not. In the recent rally it was clear the large cap stocks (SP-500/SPY) outperformed Tech (NASDAQ/QQQ) and this lead to SMS staying stuck in neutral. 

In order to smooth out the difference between SPY vs. QQQ we included more stocks in SMS.  We ran some back tests and performed some comparisons and the results were improved in a sense that SMS is following a broader market and it not tied to just large caps or tech.  The model has been refreshed and you will see updated signals on the site.  The model (as stated on the SMS page) is still in a beta mode and will remain that way until we think we have maxed out on improvements.

9/10/2012: SMS BETA Release. Click here to read more regarding the beta release of the model.

4/28/2013: SMS results page updated to provide all indicator viewing by scrolling the results grid left and right. Improved layout and faster page load times.


SMS Rules Update: SMS Rules are being reviewed for a complete update. Once that process is complete entire gain/loss stats will be posted as an end of day update.