Tools for Stock & Option Traders

Powerful Tools for Stock & Option Traders and Investors

Our Core Features: 

  • Expert Option Search: Covered Calls, Puts, Credit Spreads & Iron Condors
  • Stock Miner: Monthly and Weekly Trade Setups based on Historical Return Statistics
  • Stock Market Scout: Stock Market Timing Model based on QQQ & SPY with various technical Indicators
  • Stock Market Levels: Stock Market Overbought / Oversold Indicator

Option Trading - Stock Trading

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About Us: MTR Investors Group was founded in mid 2008. Since that time our primary goal is to provide powerful and profitable investment research tools to stock and option investors/traders.  We do not provide buy or sell recommendations on any stock, etf, or other investments.  We simply provide powerful tools for stock and option investors and traders.

The following are the primary tools we provide (we also provide economic models and advanced charting): 

I. Expert Option Search 

Our Credit Spread. Iron Condor, Covered Call and Cash Secured Put screener is one of the most powerful tools we provide to the individual investor. Powerful features such probability of assignment, downside protection, and many others.  Our screener helps option traders make the best decision possible when writing Covered Calls, Naked Puts, Credit Spreads, and Iron Condors.

Option Trading - Stock Trading

II. Stock Miner 

Stock Miner is used to analyze stocks from a monthly and weekly historical performance. We use Stock Miner for weekly and monthly trade setups.

Weekly Historical Returns / Trade Setups

Option Trading - Stock Trading

Monthly Historical Returns / Trade Setups

Option Trading - Stock Trading

III. Stock Market Scout (SMS) & Stock Market Levels (SML)

We use SMS as a model to indicate allocating cash to an index ETF (such as SPY) by going long on Green, cash on Yellow, short on Red (or stay in cash). We use SML to indicate if the market is overbought or oversold.  

Stock Market Scout

Option Trading - Stock Trading

Stock Market Levels

Option Trading - Stock Trading

This post is not a recommendation to buy or sell any stock, etf, or option. We are proud to offer powerful tools for free or at price point that allows any investor to have an edge.