Sunday, December 18, 2016 EST

We implemented a new Bid / Ask Spread feature on our Option Screener.

Example: Let's say you are screening for Covered Calls, Puts, or Credit Spread trades and you want to get a good fill and look for actively traded options. Looking for narrow Bid / Ask spread helps you to focus on better better fills. 

This feature is part of the Option Screen Settings window.  See the screen shot below.

Friday, August 19, 2016 EST

We updated the Option Screener Settings when searching for options to exclude earnings dates.

There are now 3 options.

  • Any: Ignore earnings date and search all options
  • Exclude: Exclude any earnings date that fall in between the from and to expiration date selected in the screener.
  • Include: Searching for options that have an earnings date between the from and to expiration date in the screener. 

Notice the updated help information that states "Many option traders avoid selling options around earnings date to avoid additional risk." It is important to note that selling options around earnings date can increase your risk.