Wednesday, August 3, 2016 EST

Our Naked Put Screener, Covered Call, Credit Spread, and Iron Condor Screener has been updated to provide a faster search experience.

Yes it is more than just a Covered Call Screener, you can screen for Credit Spreads, Iron Condors, and Naked Puts

  • Search over 250,000 Options over 2,500 stocks in seconds
  • Our Covered Call Screener includes
  • Scan the entire stock market for Covered Call, Naked Puts, Iron Condor, and Credit Spread Trades
  • Create Custom Stock Watch Lists and Screen for Option Trades on the stocks in your watchlist.
  • Powerful Filtering, Sorting, and even data exports
  • Apply Technical Analysis to the Option Screening with RSI Levels
  • Scan for Option Trades and exclude any stocks that are coming up for earnings

To See all the Features of our Option Screener please click here to see more information.

Sample Screener Results



Monday, April 18, 2016 EST

We recently had some questions regarding TradeMiner vs. Stock Miner.

1. TradeMiner: Was developed by Gecko Software, which also makes Track-N-Trade Software.  Gecko Software has many great products including their TradeMiner software. TradeMiner is a standalone desktop application that has a "Data Cube" with Analytic Data that is updated on a yearly basis.

MTR Investors Group is not affiliated with Gecko Software or TradeMiner.  We know that TradeMiner is top-notch like all Gecko products. 

2. Stock Miner:  MTR Investors Group developed Stock Miner as a part of our anlaytic suite of tools that include:

  • Stock Market Scout
  • Stock Market Levels
  • Stock Miner
  • Stock Miner Seasonal
  • Expert Option Screener
  • Express Option Screener 

Stock Miner is updated on a monthly basis and no application or data download is required.

Sunday, February 28, 2016 EST

Download our New Redesigned Investing & Trading Wisdom Android App (soon to be on iPhone and Windows).

If you have the older app please note it will not be updated automatically. We suggest uninstalling the older app.

Find the app on Google Play (soon on Apple and Windows).

Successful Stock, IRA, 401k, Forex, and Commodity Trading and Investing takes more than just technical or fundamental analysis. Trading is as much as art as science and takes years to develop like any worthwhile career.

Learn the wisdom from the great traders like Jesse Livermore, George Soros, Nicolas Darvas, Marty Schwartz, Victor Sperandeo, and great investors such as Warren Buffett, John (Jack) Bogle,Edwards & Magee,John Templeton, and many others.