Sunday, May 15, 2011 EST
MTR Investors Group was featured in the second edition of the book All About Market Timing.  The following is an overview of the book by the author Les Masonson:

All About Market Timing was first published in November 2003 to help self-directed investors make money in the stock market while controlling their risk and losses. Since then the stock market has encountered a second “crash” within this past decade, where many investors suffered huge losses and vowed to never invest again. By not investigating the merits of market timing those investors may have overlooked a better way to invest. Market timing does work and continues to provide investors with a much less risky way to build wealth instead of the failed buy-and-hold approach.

Now, the Second Edition of this book has recently been published with updated analysis of the original strategies, as well as a revised strategy (The Value Line 3% Strategy) which continue to show good performance With a handful of strategies ranging from the well-known “Best Six Months” coupled with the Presidential Election Cycle, to the NASDAQ 6% strategy (a take-off of the Value Line 4% strategy), and two very profitable daily and weekly moving average strategies for the NASDAQ, the investor has a number of ways to beat the market and simultaneously reduce risk. Complete back-tested results from TradeStation are provided with all the relevant statistics, so that you can decide for yourself if market timing is right for you.

Also included are the names of timing services, newsletters and websites to use if you prefer that someone else making the stock market timing decisions. A chapter on ETFs provides the vehicles to consider when investing your funds. Now is the time to decide on the investing approach you want to use going forward. After reading this book, you will be able to determine an alternative that you may not have previously considered that can put you on the path to profitability.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon:

I wish you well and much success.

Les Masonson Author of All About Market Timing Second edition.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011 EST

We had many inquiries this week on the Stock Market Timing Model (MTR-TM). This no doubt comes at a time when issues around the world places pressure on the stock market. Add to the mix the long run on the last Market Up signal on the timing model and it has many wondering what is coming next.

Frequently asked question

Q: What will trigger a market down signal?
A: The MTR-TM must have a week over week change of close to -4% and trend down for a number of days. There are additional proprietary logic in the model that will trigger a market down signal.

Q: How long have you been using the timing model?
A: We first started using the timing model in 2007.  It came after a year of back-testing strategies using AMIBroker software.

Q: When was the timing model first available for public use?
A: The timing model was placed on a blog and manually updated when a signal change took place.  In March of 2009 we launched MTR Investors Group website and put a process in place to automatically update the model each night.

Q: What is the return on the timing model?
A: We plan on updating the returns real-time but have not been able to schedule the work. Click here to view back-tested results. We will update these results in the near future.

Q: When will the next signal come?
A: We cannot answer that, it depends on the market and the model.  Here is a recent screen shot as of 2/25/2011