Sunday, December 18, 2016 EST

We implemented a new Bid / Ask Spread feature on our Option Screener.

Example: Let's say you are screening for Covered Calls, Puts, or Credit Spread trades and you want to get a good fill and look for actively traded options. Looking for narrow Bid / Ask spread helps you to focus on better better fills. 

This feature is part of the Option Screen Settings window.  See the screen shot below.

Sunday, November 20, 2016 EST

ZeroHedge posted an article by The Global Macro Investor titled "Trump will see a Recession in 2017" The article goes on to discuss that after a two year term President typically the next Presidency sees a recession.

"Just to be 100% clear, the colored vertical lines show the election date. Every President’s name written in white followed a two-term presidency. They each suffer recessions early in their presidency. And those names in red also suffered immediate recessions but after a single-term change of presidency. No recession except that of 1979 (clarified below) is not explained by its proximity to an election."