Friday, August 19, 2016 EST

We updated the Option Screener Settings when searching for options to exclude earnings dates.

There are now 3 options.

  • Any: Ignore earnings date and search all options
  • Exclude: Exclude any earnings date that fall in between the from and to expiration date selected in the screener.
  • Include: Searching for options that have an earnings date between the from and to expiration date in the screener. 

Notice the updated help information that states "Many option traders avoid selling options around earnings date to avoid additional risk." It is important to note that selling options around earnings date can increase your risk.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 EST

Ever wanted to test a new strategy before putting it into action? With virtual options trading, you can and best of all, this virtual options tool is completely free to use! You'll even get to experiment with complex orders and advanced strategies like one-cancels-other (OCO), and much more.

The CBOE has a Free Option Paper Trading Account. 



Wednesday, August 17, 2016 EST

Our Covered Call Screener, Cash Secured Put, Credit Spread, and Iron Condor Screener has been updated to provide a faster search experience.

Yes it is more than just a Covered Call Screener, you can screen for Credit Spreads, Iron Condors, and Cash Secured Puts

  • Search over 250,000 Options over 2,500 stocks in seconds
  • Our Covered Call Screener includes
  • Scan the entire stock market for Covered Call, Cash Secured Puts, Iron Condor, and Credit Spread Trades
  • Create Custom Stock Watch Lists and Screen for Option Trades on the stocks in your watchlist.
  • Powerful Filtering, Sorting, and even data exports
  • Apply Technical Analysis to the Option Screening with RSI Levels
  • Scan for Option Trades and exclude any stocks that are coming up for earnings

To See all the Features of our Option Screener please click here to see more information.

Sample Screener Results