Wednesday, March 5, 2014 EST

The TastyTrade videos below regarding “Karen The SuperTrader” are a great watch. Karen mainly trades naked puts on the S&P 500.

There are many good takeaways regarding option trading in these videos.

Here are the first two videos in the series.


Trader - Made $41 Million Profit in 3 Years Option Trading

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 EST
Please click here for updated information on all the new and updated features of the option screener.

We released a Beta Version of the Expert Option Screener that includes scanning for PUT or CALL Vertical Credit Spreads. 

The credit spread screener will allow you to search over 2.4 million spread combinations in a matter of seconds.  

Credit Spreads allows traders to clearly understand the total risk and the potential total return of any given trade. 

If you have not traded Credit Spreads in the past there are many great online tutorials and we will list those resources in the help index. You can read more about Credit Spreads at this WikiPedia link.


This is a high level overview of the features in the Credit Spread Scanner. Some traders this may raise the question. "What about Debit or Calendar Spreads?" We will be looking at other types of Spreads in a future releases.

1. New Menu Item:  The "Beta" menu as shown below will provide access to the Credit Spread (as well as the NP/CC) Screener. 


2. How to Select Credit Spreads:  The Put/Call option type drop down will include entries for Put or Call Credit Spreads as shown below.


3. Days Until Expiration (DTE): In this release we also show the DTE next to the Expiration Date as shown below.


4. SELL Option / BUY Options:  The screener will show combinations of the option to SELL and the option to BUY in for the credit spread.  The results grid will also show the potential gain/loss of any credit spread combination. 



1. We will be providing training / other help documentation
2. In this Beta Release the "Add to Watchlist" for credit spreads is not available at this time
3. The final release will be included in your existing option screener membership