Wednesday, December 26, 2012 EST

We recently added a new Economic Indicators page to our Economy section of MTR Investors Group.

This page contains many insightful charts from the Federal Reserve Economic Database (FRED).

One very insightful chart that was discussed before the 2008 market crash was the "Total Borrowings of Depository Institutions from the Federal Reserve."

The spike that started in early 2008 was a red flag that something was amiss in the banking sector.  Finally when the facts came out and more financial institutions required bail outs and had to increase reserves the spike shot up even higher.

Typically FRED charts are not discussed on many websites but can provide valuable insight into the economy and the stock market.


Looking way back over history it was clear something was not quite right

Tuesday, December 25, 2012 EST

The Fed with its unrelenting monetary stimulus and negative real interest rates has changed the relationship between stocks and bonds, writes Gluskin Sheff's David Rosenberg.

We continue to be in "the throes of a secular era of disinflation," he writes.  In such a low-return environment "cash flow is king."

We recently featured Rosenberg's ten near certainties to invest around yesterday. Today we put together a more detailed overview of his investment outlook for 2013.

Heading into the new year, Rosenberg writes, "what broadly worked in terms of delivering high-single-digit risk adjusted returns in 2012, with very few tweaks, should remain intact in 2013." And his primary investment strategy continues to be safety and income at a reasonable price (SIRP).

Click here to see the charts on Business Insider

Saturday, December 15, 2012 EST

We launched new features of our option scanner that will help members zero in on the best options to write.

New Search Features

* Probability of Assignment (POA): Now setup in a from and to range.  This helps if you are searching for a Buy-Write trades and you want the stock to get called away. To do this search for POA in the range of 90% to 100%
* Moneyness: Replaces Out of The Money (OTM). The moneyness from and to range now provides a method to search for options Out of The Money (OTM), In The Money (OTM), and At The Money (ATM).  It also increases the flexibility of searching a wide range of options.
* Volume: Search for options with volume greater than or the number entered
* Open Interest (OI): Search for options with an open interest greater than the number entered.

There is additional online help that outlines how to combine Volume and OI to limit results. 


Results Grid

* Grouped Stock Price, Strike Price, Moneyness, and POA next to each other for a more logical layout
* Moneyness column will show a Positive number for ITM options, Negative for OTM
* External News Link Window: Mouse over the stock symbol and you will now see three links to take you to MSN News, MSN Stock Ratings, and Yahoo! Finance News.