Wednesday, September 30, 2009 EST

After Mebane Faber made many millions off of his "Ivy Portfolio" book (when his white paper on that topic could be downloaded for free), he launched the web site AlphaClone to follow 13F filings of the investment pros (hey not a bad gig... a book, and a high fee web site, who needs investing?)

This is a great idea, but hey, the 13F information is free so why pay Faber money for his site? Forget about it, along comes TickerSpy.

Take a look at TickerSpy it tracks all the "pros" (minus Jim Cramer Surprised) and allows users to create a watchlist (hey you can do that here too on MTRIG), and has other great stock selection ideas.

So if you joined Faber get your money back and log into TickerSpy.

Monday, September 28, 2009 EST

In order for members to track the MTR-TM using the Signal Forecast and real-time data (as discussed here) the index will be recalculated to match the Value Line Arithmetic Index. This change will go in place later this week. 

If you have any questions regarding this change please post your comments to this post.

Saturday, September 12, 2009 EST

One of MTR members (riskless1) requested a new feature that would forecast a Market Up or Market Down signal in advance. This would allow a one day advanced notice of the market timing signal change. The feature is now live on MTR but is in a Beta release since it needs to be monitored for a week or two.

Overview: The MTR Stock Market Timing Model (MTR-TM) fires Market Up or Market Down signals using proprietary logic based on closing prices of the Value Line Arithmetic Index (VLAI). Forecasting a change in the current signal can only be done one day in advance due to all the logic that is built into the MTR-TM.

Example: As of this post the last market call was Market Up on 7/16/2009. The system at the close of each day will start reducing the MTR-TM by one dollar attempting to fire a Market Down signal. If a market down signal was fired the MTR-TM page would show the next day closing price for the new signal (if no signal was fired, the index is reduced again by $1.00 until a signal is fired). This process continues in a loop until either a signal was fired, or it was determined that other criteria must be met, and therefor the next day will not fire a changed signal.

Members can check the MTR-TM intraday price on the forecasted trading day. If the forecasted price is touched then trade according to the new signal. One caution: MTR-TM is based on closing prices of the VLAI since it is commonly thought that the "pros" influence the closing price of the market. If you trade the signal intra-day but at the close the MTR-TM does not reach that price, no signal will be fired.

The example below shows that no Market Down signal is forecasted for the next day.

If a forecasted Market Down signal was fired the message would have read:

Signal Forecast (BETA): If the MTR-TM closes at or below 994.25 on the next trading day a Market Down signal will be fired.

If you would like to discuss the feature further please follow this link to the forum thread regarding this feature.