Friday, February 5, 2021 EST

This is a guest post from our partner BLOX Central

The sAssets (or Synthetic Assets) monthly return charts on BLOX Central correspond to the mAssets on the Mirror Protocol platform.

Note: These charts are new release to BLOX Central as of 2/3/2021 and the site is in a Beta Release as of this date.

These charts can be used as a guide to actions taken on the Mirror Platform when it comes to buying, staking or minting Synthetic Assets. 

Benefit of trading Synthetic Assets on Mirror:

  • You can buy and go LONG on an asset and stake it for rewards in $MIR.
  • You can mint an asset and SHORT it by selling that asset and buying it back at a later today.
  • You can take a neutral position by minting an asset and holding on to that asset.

The Mirror documentation at this link and at this link for additional information.

The Silver chart below can be used an an example. Let's say you want to buy Silver. The average monthly returns can be used as a guide as to when is the best time to Buy, Mint, or Mint and Short.  These are averages of returns over many years. This is not a guarantee that the trade will work out as history shows, but it is a good guide.

The chart shows average monthly returns and a "Probability of Profit" (POP) line for LONG trades.  

  • Example - February. The average return is 2.53% with a POP of 65%.  This means on an average Silver may have a positive return in the month of February.
  • Example - March. The average return is -2.73% with a POP of 35%.  This means the chances of Silver making a positive return during the month of March (on average) is 35% chance.



Wednesday, January 27, 2021 EST

There are some interesting blockchain / cryptocurrency projects that have synthetic assets like Telsa, USO, VIX and many others. 

With the VIX as these "calm" levels and the stock market rallying to new highs we can expect the VIX to pump high when volititliy increases. 

With Mirror Protocol you can trade VIX (on based on the Terra Luna Platform) and actually stake your position to earn rewards which today is over 300% rewards for just staking. 

You can get started on Mirror by buying $MIR on KuCoin then sending it to your Terra wallet and buy VIX and start staking on Mirror.  (Actually buying LUNA stable coin $UST then swapping it on LUNA is a better route and lesser fees then exchanges).