Seasonal Returns Charts

Saturday, November 1, 2014 EST
PRIA Group released a new feature "Seasonal Returns Charts" that will help provide additional insight into monthly returns of the market.  

The Seasonal Return chart (See Image Below) can provide insight if a particular investment such as stocks, bonds, or commodities may turn a profit for a given month (based on historical monthly returns).

The Blue Bars on the chart shows the average return for a given month.

The Orange Line shows the probability of profit, which really means “how often based on historical data did investing at the start of a month show a profit at the end of a month.”

MSN StockScouter Rating System

Sunday, October 26, 2014 EST
MSN Money discontinued the StockScouter Rating System.  MSN described the rating system as... "Stock Scouter provides a score based on risk, return, and potential growth factors of each individual stock listed on the market."

Many investors were very disappointing to see this tool removed from MSN  Money.

Let Microsoft hear your opinion about getting this tool back online.  

Click Here to visit the StockScouter thread on Microsoft's Online Community and join other folks asking to get this tool back online.