Option Grid Advanced Summary Filters

Sunday, April 5, 2015 EST
We added a new filter option to the option screener results grid.

Notice the Filter Icon next to each column heading. This filter will provide summary list of the items in that column that are present in the grid.

Example: After clicking the Filter Icon next to Symbol a summary list of all the symbols will be displayed. You can click on any of the symbols to filter the grid.

Trading Weekly Options

Thursday, April 2, 2015 EST
Weekly Options or "weeklys" are options that expire each week. Traders trade these options to take advantage of fast decay since time is running out on these contracts.  There is no free lunch trading weeklys. If the underlying price moves up or down very fast the impact will be a steep change in the option price.  This leaves little time to adjust. So if you remember there can be added risk trading weeklys you will keep a eye out for the best candidates including looking at LOW POA to limit the chance of being assigned.

Here are a few links to recent posts on the site regarding weeklys:
In our Advanced Option Screener you can either set a Friday expiration date or select Weekly Options from the Sector drop down list.