Option Scanning Engine Updated Release

Saturday, October 25, 2014 EST
We released an updated Option Scanning Engine to boost performance.

There were many members that ran the scanning engine wide open and not narrowing the search parameters using a shorter range for Moneyness and ROI.  This impacted the performance of the scanner.  

We enhanced the option scanning engine with this “wide open” setting in mind and boosted performance. We still allow the “wide open” setting and will continue to monitor the scanning performance. If it slows down we will put in restrictions on the range used for Moneyness and ROI.

Probability of Assignment (POA)

Saturday, June 14, 2014 EST
Probability of Assignment (POA) is useful to determine if the an option will expire worthless. Keep in mind this is called "Probability" of Assignment and is not a guarantee the option will expire worthless, but another factor an option trader can use in their analysis.

POA in the Option Screener is based on the options Delta. For more information on this topic click this link to review a WikiPedia article.